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New/Old Loan Options

by Joanne Foxxe

Save the Cost of Mortgage Insurance

During the banking crisis in the Great Recession, certain types of mortgages were unavailable that are once again being offered. Fortunately, the 80-10-10 mortgage is one of those making a reappearance and it can save borrowers a considerable amount of money. 


The objective of an 80-10-10 mortgage is to avoid the expense of mortgage insurance for buyers wanting a 90% loan. A buyer can obtain an 80% first mortgage and a 10% second mortgage with a 10% down payment and not be required to have private mortgage insurance. 

For example, a buyer could put $30,000 down on a home priced at $300,000 and get an 80% first mortgage without mortgage insurance. The borrower could get a second mortgage, either through the same lender or a third party.

In the example, the 80-10-10 would save a buyer $193.71 per month which can be a considerable amount of money over a ten-year period. The interest rate on the second loan will be higher than the first because there is more risk. 

Helping buyers make better choices is a valuable service real estate professionals can provide. Having the right tools and information can make the decisions easier to understand. Using an 80-10-10 calculator, you can see what the savings might be for your situation.


by Joanne Foxxe


What a beautiful MONDAY on MAUI! The sky is blue. Our treasured tradewinds are blowing.

We are getting new neighbors here at Kapalua Realty. Napili Florist is moving in!!! Just in time for Easter.

We are excited to have a new neighbor. The flowers are so beautiful. 

I can't believe it is almost April!!  The market here at the resort is plugging along. We are seeing buyers purchasing at great pricing. If you are here at eh resort, we have properties for sale in every development. You would not know, as the resort does not allow signage.


PLEASE feel free to stop in or of course email me for more information regarding any property.


Estate planning

by Joanne Foxxe


It is TAX time. This time of year is anxiety producing for me. I remember my dad also being anxious at this time of year. I think self employed people have more work to do to prepare for tax season.

An estate plan is also very important for you and your family. There is a collection of documents that are needed to ensure that your wishes are carried out upon your passing. I will never forget the line"It is important to die correctly"

It is also important should you become incapacitated. Wills, trusts, durable power of attorney, healthcare proxy, and a living will are all documents that each one of us of a certain age should have. A general letter of instruction to your family is also a good place to start. Every state has their own estate laws.It is very important to consult with an attorney. Should you move to a different state, please get your documents updated in the new state.

If you need an estimate of value on your real estate, please contact me. It would be my privilege to assist you with this at no cost or obligation. Usually a price opinion from a licensed real estate professional will suffice for tax planning,








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