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Retirement Options - Rental Property

by Joanne Foxxe


Don't Pat Yourself on the Back Just Yet



You’ve got $500,000 in liquid assets for your retirement and you’re still 15 years away. All your bills are paid; you have a small mortgage on your home; cars are paid for and great credit. Don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back yet.

People think more about what they’re going to do when they retire than whether they’ll have the funds to do them. Ask anyone who has retired, it takes more money than you thought it did. Let’s look at a hypothetical situation.

To retire with $125,000 income in today’s dollars with a life expectancy of 25 years after retirement, you’ll need to have a net worth of $1.5 million at retirement including what Social Security may provide. Your $500,000 will grow to $1,045,420 in 15 years which will leave you about a half million short. You’ll need to save $24,149 each year for the next 15 years to reach your goal.

Is this surprising? Did you imagine that this example would be that far from its goal? It might seem staggering to save $24,000 each year but there is another way…investing in rentals.

Real estate over the long term has proven to be a solid, predictable investment.  Cash flows, appreciation, equity buildup and tax advantages are the components that contribute to the rate of return. Increasing rents, available financing and solid appreciation make rentals particularly attractive in today’s environment.

Call me at (808) 385-2918 to find out more about how rental homes can help you reach your retirement goals.


Weather and condos for sale

by Joanne Foxxe

It is a beautiful day on Maui. The sun is shining. The temperature is in the 70's , just beautiful. 

The island views today are amazing. You can view all of Molokai and all of Lanai. We have had a rainy weekend, so today is a crystal clear treat.  Our weather doesn't vary more than 10 degrees in either direction, which is predictable and lovely.

I drove up to the Ridge villas, of which I have 2 for sale right now. One is 2622, overlooking this fabulous view. It is a one bedroom, 2 bath town home style condo, with 2 lanai areas perfect for watching our gorgeous MAUI sunsets. This unit has never been rented and is easy to show on short notice. It is immaculate with Miele and Sub Zero applicances. $1.285. This can be rented short term upon purchase.

Right next door is Ridge villa 2614. This is a one level 2 bedroom, 3 full bath condo with the same amazing views. It was remodeled one year ago,and is a profitable vacation rental. $1.749.

I also have a selection of golf villas and bay villas for sale.


The condos range from $600,000 and up. We have golf course and ocean views available.

All of the condos are close to the Montage Kapalua Bay, and world famous Kapalua Beach.


Contact me for more detailed information.




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Joanne is honored and humbled to receive this highest accomplishment. She moved to Maui in 2005 and started at Kapalua Realty in 2006. She moved from Santa Cruz County where she has been a Realtor since 1986 and CRS since 1989. She was the President of the Northern Ca CRS Chapter in 2005, then the Maui director since 2006.
Her focus is the Westside of Maui and more specifically the Kapalua Resort; however she does work all over the island by referral. Joanne is blessed to have a wonderful support team and clients.


Kapalua Realty
700 Office Road
Lahaina, Hi 96761


Another great reason to own real estate

by Joanne Foxxe

Lower the Rate - Deduct the Interest

Credit card debt in America is back to levels prior to the recession. The average credit card APR is just under 16% according to Weekly Credit Card Report.  


Homeowners have an advantage over renters when it comes to getting their arms around debt issues.


Basic money management suggests that higher rate debt be replaced with lower rate debt. Credit cards, personal cars, boats, motor vehicles and other personal property, typically have interest rates higher than that of real estate loans.

Borrowing against a person’s home usually provides the lowest rate of financing. Refinancing a home mortgage to take cash out to retire personal debt is one option. Another would be to secure a home equity or HELOC, home equity line of credit.

An alternative advantage of borrowing against one’s home is that the interest may be tax deductible unlike the interest on most personal debt. Qualified mortgage interest includes acquisition debt which can only be used to buy, build or improve a principal residence and up to $100,000 of home equity debt which can be used for any purpose.

Managing money is a critical life skill that people need to master. While the goal may be to become debt-free, paying the least amount of interest possible can be a good first step. Owning a home provides an asset that allows for options not available to tenants. Seek professional advice to determine your best course of action.


Why a rental is a sound financial plan

by Joanne Foxxe

Rentals are IDEAL

Rental homes are the IDEAL investment because they offer a higher rate of return than other investments without the volatility of the stock market. With certificates of deposit and bonds at less than 2%, people need an alternative investment that they understand and with a reasonable amount of control.

In this case, IDEAL is an acronym identifying the advantages of rental properties.

Ideal Investment-2.png


  • Income from the monthly rent contributes to paying the expenses and a return on the investment.
  • Depreciation is a non-cash deduction that shelters income for some investors.
  • Equity buildup occurs with amortized mortgages because each payment is composed of interest owed and principal reduction to retire the loan by the end of the term.
  • Appreciation is achieved as the value of the property goes up.
  • Leverage can increase the return on investment by using borrowed funds to control a larger asset.

These individual benefits working together make rental real estate a good investment for today’s economy. Increased rents, high rental demand, good values and low, non-owner occupied mortgage rates contribute to positive cash flows and very favorable rates of return.  

To find out more about how rentals might complement your current investment plans, contact your real estate professional.


New/Old Loan Options

by Joanne Foxxe

Save the Cost of Mortgage Insurance

During the banking crisis in the Great Recession, certain types of mortgages were unavailable that are once again being offered. Fortunately, the 80-10-10 mortgage is one of those making a reappearance and it can save borrowers a considerable amount of money. 


The objective of an 80-10-10 mortgage is to avoid the expense of mortgage insurance for buyers wanting a 90% loan. A buyer can obtain an 80% first mortgage and a 10% second mortgage with a 10% down payment and not be required to have private mortgage insurance. 

For example, a buyer could put $30,000 down on a home priced at $300,000 and get an 80% first mortgage without mortgage insurance. The borrower could get a second mortgage, either through the same lender or a third party.

In the example, the 80-10-10 would save a buyer $193.71 per month which can be a considerable amount of money over a ten-year period. The interest rate on the second loan will be higher than the first because there is more risk. 

Helping buyers make better choices is a valuable service real estate professionals can provide. Having the right tools and information can make the decisions easier to understand. Using an 80-10-10 calculator, you can see what the savings might be for your situation.


by Joanne Foxxe


What a beautiful MONDAY on MAUI! The sky is blue. Our treasured tradewinds are blowing.

We are getting new neighbors here at Kapalua Realty. Napili Florist is moving in!!! Just in time for Easter.

We are excited to have a new neighbor. The flowers are so beautiful. 

I can't believe it is almost April!!  The market here at the resort is plugging along. We are seeing buyers purchasing at great pricing. If you are here at eh resort, we have properties for sale in every development. You would not know, as the resort does not allow signage.


PLEASE feel free to stop in or of course email me for more information regarding any property.


Estate planning

by Joanne Foxxe


It is TAX time. This time of year is anxiety producing for me. I remember my dad also being anxious at this time of year. I think self employed people have more work to do to prepare for tax season.

An estate plan is also very important for you and your family. There is a collection of documents that are needed to ensure that your wishes are carried out upon your passing. I will never forget the line"It is important to die correctly"

It is also important should you become incapacitated. Wills, trusts, durable power of attorney, healthcare proxy, and a living will are all documents that each one of us of a certain age should have. A general letter of instruction to your family is also a good place to start. Every state has their own estate laws.It is very important to consult with an attorney. Should you move to a different state, please get your documents updated in the new state.

If you need an estimate of value on your real estate, please contact me. It would be my privilege to assist you with this at no cost or obligation. Usually a price opinion from a licensed real estate professional will suffice for tax planning,








Certified Residential Specialist Realtor ~ Joanne Foxxe

by Joanne Foxxe

Rain comes to KAPALUA

by Joanne Foxxe


It is a lovely blustery day here at the resort. WE have had a dry winter, and am relishing the rain and coolness of temperature. I know and understand the visitors to the island want SUN!! I started the morning today with a Yogalates class at the Montage Spa at Kapalua Bay. The rain was gentle  but the rainbow was HUGE!! I fell truly blessed to be on MAUI enjoying the magic and the beauty of nature

The activity at our resort regarding real estate has picked up immensely in the second quarter.

This is the first time I have a Bay Villa, a Ridge Villa and a Gofl Villa in escrow at the same time.

They should all be closed by the end of the month. We will then have new markers for future pricing. We have one pending in the Plantation Estates in the $6 m arena, and 4 pending sales in Pineapple Hill.

This is great news for the resort.If you are thinking of buying or selling, now is a GREAT time.

The resort just opened a new Restaurant, Taverna. It is urban/Italian and delicious.









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